What are the benefits of Induction Technique for Employees?

The purpose of induction is to introduce the new employee and the organization to each other, to help them become acquainted and to help them accommodate each other.

The newcomer is explained what, is expected of him and for this, he is explained the rules, regulations, policies and procedures that directly affect him. He is made aware of how his job fits into the overall operation of the organization, his own duties and responsibilities and to who he should look for when he has any problem.

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Each industry develops its own procedures as per its needs. The procedure should basically follow these steps:

First, the new person needs time and a place to report to work.

Second, it is very important that the supervisor or the immediate boss meet and welcome the employee to the organization.

Third, administrative work should be completed. Such items as vacations, probationary period, medical absences, and suggestion systems should be covered.

Fourth, the departmental orientation can be conducted. This should include a get-acquainted talk, introduction to the department, explanation of the functions of the department and job instruction and to who he should look for help when he has any problem.

Fifth, verbal explanations are supplemented by a wide variety of printed material, employee hand books, flyers, employee manuals, house-journals, picture stories, comics and cartoons, pamphlets, etc. along with short guided tour around the plant.


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