Speech on Controlling Over Population in India

Keeping this in view the government has started many programmes like maternity and child health services, family planning services. The family planning programme has been converted into family welfare programme with the idea to bring down the infant mortality rate and to improve the maternity services so that there is demand for fewer children.

Family planning services are provided to the eligible couples and follow up of such cases is done carefully to remove all complications, fear and suspicions about family planning.

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Though the above mentioned factors will help in checking the population problem but the following measures will also be helpful to a great extent.

1. Raising the Minimum Age of Marriage:

If the minimum age of marriage is raised from 15-16 years to 19-20 years there can be reduction in birth rate. Recently the government has raised the minimum age of marriage as 21 years for boys and 18 years for girls. But it should be raised further.

2. Education:

If the public is educated they can understand such problems in the proper perspective. For this purpose government and social organisations and students can play a great role.

3. Female Literacy and Increasing Employment Opportunities for Women:

If the female are educated they will get better opportunities for employ­ment. Thus with more earning their standard of living will improve and social contacts will widen. The socio-economic status has direct bearing on awareness and practice of family planning.

4. Recreational Facilities:

If the recreational facilities are provided at cheaper rates for the poor class, it will also affect the population growth.

5. Decrease in Birth Rate:

This is the only possible solution of checking the population explosion and government is laying much stress on family planning methods. Studies have shown that when all births are postponed by one year in each group, there was a decline in total population.

Government alone cannot solve this population problem. All social, religious and charitable organizations, men, women, college students and public in general will have to take part in tackling the population explosion and making the public aware about the advantages of small family norms which can be attained by adopting suitable contraceptive methods.


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