Psychiatry Question Bank – 85 Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1. The one who has said that the seat of mind is in the brain:

A. Galen

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B. Hippocrates

C. Plato

D. Aristotle

2. The one who developed theory of humors to explain moods and emotions:

A. Galen

B. Meduna

C. Harlow

D. Cullen

3. Who coined the term neurosis?

A. Esquirol

B. William Cullen

C. Benjamin Rush

D. William Sargant

4. Who coined the term psychiatry?

A. Johann Wyer

B. Johann Reil

C. John Conolly

D. Philippe Pinel

5. Who is the founder of modern psychiatry?

A. JED Esquirol

B. Prichard

C. Morel

D. Griesenger

6. Who coined the terms “catatonia, cyclothymia, Verbig­eration, and symptom complex”?

A. KL Kahlbaum

B. Kraeplin

C. Hecker

D. Esquirol

7. Who coined the term dementia praecox?

A. Emil Kraeplin

B. Morel

C. Wernicke

D. Karlkiest

8. Who coined the term hypnotism?

A. James Braid

B. John Elliotson

C. J M Charcot

D. Franz Anton Mesmer

9. Who is the father of psychoananlysis?

A. Sigmund freud

B. Bernheim

C. Adler

D. Jung

10. The one who coined the word schizophrenia is:

A. Eugen Bleuler

B. Emil Kraeplin

C. Morel

D. Esquirol

11. Who pioneered insulin coma therapy for schizophrenia?

A. UGO Cerletti

B. Manfred Sakel

C. Meduna

D. Wagner

12. Who is the founder of electrical apparatus for producing convulsion?

A. Von Meduna

B. UGO Cerleti and Bini

C. Scribonius Largus

D. Egas Monis

13. The one who was awarded the Nobel Prize for psycho­surgery and who was shot and wounded by ex-patient?

A. Egas Monis

B. Manfred Sakel

C. UGO Cerletti

D. Von Meduna

14. The proponent of chlorpromazine:

A. Jean Delay and Pierre Denicker

B. Cohen

C. Hoffman

D. Kahn

15. The proponent of imipramine:

A. Roland Kuhn

B. Cohen

C. Bein

D. Kline

16. The one who described psychosis of LSD is:

A. Hoffman

B. Kuhn

C. Bein

D. Jean Delay

17. Who is the proponent of lithium?

A. John Cade

B. Jean Delay

C. Joseph Gall

D. Roland Kuhn

18. The proponent of MAOI is:

A. Nathanial Kline

B. Roland Kuhn

C. John Kane

D. Jean Delay

19. Who described frontal lobe syndrome in his patient Phineas Gage?

A. Harlow

B. Esquirol

C. Joseph Gall

D. Cullen

20. Who described mental effects of mescaline?

A. Lewin

B. Hoffman

C. Denicker

D. Bein

21. Who is the father of American psychiatry and the only American physician to sign the declaration of indepen­dence?

A. Benjamin Rush

B. Issac Ray

C. Thomas Kirkbride

D. Clifford Beers

22. The first description of alcoholic delirium was given by:

A. Thomas Sutton

B. Thomas Lay cock

C. Thomas Willis

D. Thomas Sydenham

23. The beginning of phrenology is:

A. Franz Joseph Gall and Spurzheim

B. Esquirol

C. Harlow

D. Sheldon

24. The term “psychosomatic” was first used by:

A. Johann Christian Heinroth

B. Johann Reil

C. Johann Weyer

D. Ernst Kretschmer

25. The one who gave first account of post partum psycho­sis:

A. Robert Gooch

B. George Robinson

C. Forbes B Winslow

D. Joseph Adams

26. Who first introduced the term psychotherapeia (today psychotherapy):

A. Walter Cooper Dendy

B. George Robinson

C. Robert Gooch

D. Joseph Adams

27. The term neurasthenia- a disease of mental and physi­cal exhaustion was first used by:

A. George Miller Beard

B. Issac Ray

C. Charles Bradley

D. Morton Prince

28. The one who coined the term sadism, masochism, and sexual bondage:

A. Richard Von Kraft-Ebing

B. Herman

C. Heinroth

D. Emil Kraeplin

29. The one who first gave a psychological account of hyste­ria:

A. Jean Martin Charcot

B. Jean Pierre Falret

C. Jean Etienne Dominique

D. Jean Delay

30. The first psychoanalytic defector from Freud and founded the school of individual psychology is:

A. Carl Jung

B. Alfred Adler

C. Otto Rank

D. Karen Horney

31. The one who developed the technique of will therapy:

A. Otto Rank

B. Carl Jung

C. Alfred Adler

D. Adolf Meyer

32. The proponent of Thematic Apperception Test is:

A. Henry A Murray

B. Herman Rorschach

C. Hathaway

D. Weschler

33. The one who established the first full time medical ge­netics department in a psychiatric institution in America:

A. Franz Joseph Kallmann

B. Kety

C. Rosenthal

D. Wender

34. The father of psychobiology:

A. Carljung

B. Alfred Adler

C. Adolf Meyer

D. Karen Horney

35. The proponent of MMPI is:

A. S R Hathaway and J C McKinley,

B. Murray and Rorschach

C. Alfred Binet

D. Watson and Skinner

36. The proponent of conditioned reflex is:

A. Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

B. J B Watson

C. B F Skinner

D. Thorndike

37. The proponent of interpersonal theory is:

A. Harrys tack Sullivan

B. Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

C. Erick Erickson

D. Donald Winnicott

38. The proponent of operant conditioning is:

A. B F Skinner

B. Joseph Wolpe

C. Ivan Pavlov

D. J B Watson

39. The one who founded the school of analytical psychol­ogy and developed the concept of collective unconscious and personality types- introvert and extrovert:

A. Carl Gustov Jung

B. Erick Erickson

C. Alfred Adler

D. Melanie Klein

40. The concept of anaclytic depression was given by:

A. Rene spitz

B. Leo Kanner

C. Michael Rutter

D. John Bowlby

41. The concept of sexual counseling is given by:

A. William H Masters and Virginia E Johnson

B. Kraft Ebing

C. Simon Andre

D. Ay lion and Azrin

42. The concept of intellectual development is given by:

A. Jean Piaget

B. Jean Martin Charcott

C. Jacques Lacan

D. Jean Delay

43. The proponent of cognitive therapy:

A. Aaron Beck

B. Nathan Ackerman

C. Joseph Wolpe

D. J B Watson

44. The one who developed fluoxetine in 1970:

A. Lilly

B. Rosen

C. Khun

D. Bein

45. The who developed sertralin in 1992:

A. Roerig

B. Dupont

C. Barton

D. Hoffman

46. The term Onanism is coined by:

A. Simon Andre

B. Vonkrafft Ebing

C. Masters and Johnson

D. Victor Frankl

47. The founder of behaviourism:

A. J Watson

B. Joseph Wolpe

C. Skinner

D. Ivan Pavlov

48. The concept of therapeutic community was given by:

A. Maxwell Jones

B. Victor Frankl

C. Jacob Moreno

D. Joseph Wolpe

49. The proponent of transaction analysis is:

A. Eric Berne

B. Carl Rogers

C. A Maslow

D. Joseph Pratt

50. The proponent of client centered psychotherapy is:

A. Carl Rogers

B. Victor Frankl

C. Eric Berne

D. Frederich Peris

51. The proponet of group therapy is:

A. Jacob Moreno

B. Joseph Wolpe

C. Joseph Pratt

D. James Braid

52. The proponent of psychodrama is:

A. Jacob Moreno

B. Joseph Wolpe

C. Joseph Pratt

D. James braid

53. The proponent of rational emotive therapy is:

A. Albert Ellis

B. Victor Frankl

C. Eric Berne

D. Otto Rank

54. The proponent of gestalt therapy is:

A. Frederich Peris

B. Skinner

C. Carl Rogers

D. Eric Berne

55. The concept of token economy is given by:

A. Ayllon and Azrin

B. Brown and Berly

C. Maxwell jones

D. Adolf Meyer

56. Who discovered olanzapine in Great Britain in 1982?

A. Elli lilly and company

B. Jean Delay

C. Jannsen

D. Khun

57. Clozapine was discovered in 1958 in:

A. Bern, Switzerland


C. France

D. Japan

58. The proponent of family therapy is:

A. Nathan Ackerman

B. Moreno

C. Joseph Pratt

D. James Braid

59. The chief contribution in the area of brief analysis and psychosomatic medicine is by:

A. Franz Alexander

B. Sifenos

C. Friedman

D. Hans Selye

60. The father of suicidology is:

A. Edward schneidman

B. Kreitman

C. Stengel

D. Menninger

61. The term agoraphobia was introduced by:

A. Westphal

B. Marks

C. Freud

D. Rogers

62. The term akathisia was first used by:

A. Haskovec

B. Delay

C. Villeneuve

D. Rogers

63. Alcoholic anonymus was developed by:

A. Dr Bob and Bill Wilson

B. Jean Delay and Denicker

C. Ayllon and Azrin

D. Brown and Berly

64. The drug haloperidol was discovered by:

A. Pauljanssen

B. Hoffman

C. Delay

D. Bein

65. The concept of aversion therapy was given by:

A. N V Kantorovich

B. Wolpe

C. Pavlov

D. Watson

66. Who is called the “French Freud?”

A. Jacques Lacan

B. Wilhelm Reich

C. Ackerman

D. Adler

67. The proponent of self actualization:

A. Carl R Rogers

B. Adolf Meyer

C. Adler

D. Carl Jung

68. The concept of psychosocial development is given by:

A. Erikson

B. Piaget

C. Paul Federn

D. Carl Jung

69. The founder of object relation theory:

A. Melanie Klein

B. Pierre Janet

C. Sullivan

D. Eric Berne

70. The pupil of Freud and his principal biographer is:

A. Ernest Jones

B. Alfred Adler

C. Otto Rank

D. Carl Jung

71. Interpersonal psychotherapy was developed by:

A. Klerman

B. Joseph Pratt

C. Sullivan

D. Ackerman

72. The term “Gate Way Drug” is coined by:

A. Robert Dupont

B. Jannsen

C. Hoffman

D. Lewin

73. The institutional neurosis was described by:

A. Barton

B. Bleuler

C. Maxwel Jones

D. Adolf Meyer

74. Who is the father of epidemiology?

A. Sir Thomas Brown

B. Thomas Sydenham

C. Sir Francis Galton

75. Who is the father of eugenics?

A. Sir Francis Galton

B. Sir Thomas Brown

C. Thomas Sydenham

76. The term “pica” was first applied by:

A. Sir William Gull

B. Ambroise Pare

C. Gerald Russel

77. Who first described bulimia nervosa?

A. Gerald Russel

B. Ambroise Pare

C. Sir William Gull

78. The father of psychosomatic medicine:

A. Franz Alexander

B. Johann reil

C. Johann Wyer

79. The one who coined the term biopsychosocial in 1977:

A. George Engel

B. Franz Alexander

C. Helen Deutsch

80. The term stress was coined by:

A. Walter Cannon

B. Hans Selye

C. William Harvey

81. The condition neurocircuilatory asthenia was described by:

A. Friedlander and Freyhof

B. Da Costa

C. Wood

82. The term kleptomaniac was coined by:

A. Jean Etienne and Charles-Henri Marc

B. Da Costa

C. Hans Selye

83. Trichotillomania was first characterized by:

A. Esqurol

B. Francois Hallopeau

C. Cannon

84. The term tranquilizer was introduced in:

A. Kuhn

B. Yonkman

C. Bern

85. Primary prevention in psychiatric illness is:

A. Isolation of cases

B. Early diagnosis and treatment

C. Health education and decrease of social stress

D. None of the above


1.B 2.A 3.B 4.B 5.A 6.A 7.A 8.A 9.A 10.A 11.B 12.B 13.A 14.A 15.A 16.A 17.A 18.A 19.A 20.A 21.A 22.A 23.A 24.A 25.A 26.A 27.A 28.A 29.A 30.B 31.A 32.A 33.A 34.C 35.A 36.A 37.A 38.A 39.A 40.A 41.A 42.A 43.A 44.A 45.A 46.A 47.A 48.A 49.A 50.A 51.C 52.A 53.A 54.A 55.A 56.A 57.A 58.A 59.A 60.A 61.A 62.A 63.A 64.A 65.A 66.A 67.A 68.A 69.A 70.A 71.A 72.A 73.A 74.B 75.A 76.B 77.A 78.A 79.A 80.B 81.A 82.A 83.B 84.B 85.C


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