Procedure in case of Offender failing to observe conditions of bond (Section 9 of Probation Act)

(2) The Court before which an offender is so brought or appears may either remand him to custody until the case is concluded or it may grant him bail, with or without surety, to appear on the date which it may fix for hearing.

(3) If the Court, after hearing the case, is satisfied that the offender has failed to observe any of the conditions of the bond or bonds entered into by him, it may forthwith:

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(a) Sentence him for the original offence; or

(b) Where the failure is for the first time, then, without prejudice to the continuance in force of the bond impose upon him a penalty not exceeding fifty rupees.

(4) If a penalty imposed under clause (b) of sub-section (3) is not paid within such period as the Court may fix, the Court may sentence the offender for the original offence.


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