Multi Purpose Trees and Shrubs (M.P.T.S) – Essay

Besides, multipurpose trees and shrubs help in protecting environment.

Domestic and Industrial Uses:

1. Fuel wood for cooking foods and warming houses.

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2. Timber, posts and poles

3. Paper cardboards, and construction boards.

4. Vegetables, fruits and nuts, seeds and firewood.

5. Edible leaves and shoots for sauces, curries, salads and beverages.

6. Fodder for livestock

7. Host plant for silk worms and lac insects.

8. Green manure for incorporating into soil.

9. Medicines and Pharmaceuticals.

10. Extractives such as a gums, resins, rubber and dyes.

11. Oil (edible) and non-edible for illumination, lubrication and soap making

12. Cake obtained after oil extraction for the use of animal feed, if edible and non-edible types are for the use as manure.

13. The fruit of anola, bahera are used as soap substitutes.

14. Essential oil, perfumes are for cosmetics.

Environmental Protection and Other Uses:

1. Shade and support for planations crops.

2. Aid to the soil improvement by controlling soil erosion and sand dunes stabilization.

3. Improvement in soil structure, chemical properties, water balance and weed control.

4. Useful in hedges, windbreaks, shelterbelts, and fire breaks.

5. Ornamental, aesthetic or recreational value.


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