Essay on the Processing and Marketing of Seeds in India

(a) Sun drying (b) Air drying

2. Pre conditioning:

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Includes all operations of shelling, debearding etc.

3. Pre cleaning:

Removal of extraneous matter like pieces of trash and stones etc.

4. Basic cleaning:

Removal of larger, smaller, lighter and thicker adulterants as compared to crop seed. It was done on the basis of weight, size and density using cleaner with air screen.

Grader: Based on density and size

Scalper: Inert matter of larger size than seeds.

Aspirator: Lighter inert matter

5. Grading:

Removal of smaller and shrivelled seeds from the healthy seeds. Specific gravity separators on the basis of resistance to air flow.

6. Seed treatment:

Methods of seed treatment:

Physical: Cotton delinting, scarification

Chemical: Fungicide, insecticide etc.

Biological: Rhizobium

7. Packing:

i. Filling of seed bag to the exact weight

ii. Attaching labels regarding seed quality

iii. Storage

8. Seed Storage:

Maintenance of high seed germination and vigour after harvest until planting is important.

i. Stored in dry and cool place

ii. Only high quality seed should be stored.

iii. Proper sanitation should be there.

iv. Control on disease, insect and rodents.

Seed Marketing:

It is a vital activity controlling the supply and price of seeds for the progress in crop production and productivity.

Marketing organisation —

Problems with Marketing:

i. Irregular supply

ii. Adulteration

iii. Storage and warehouse inadequate

iv. Lack of financial facilities and market facilities

v. Absence of proper grading and standardisation


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