Essay on the Impact of Global Warming on Agriculture and Pests

This reflected energy falls on earth and also at lower atmosphere and keeps it warmer i.e., heats the earth’s surface. This is called global warming or green house effect.

Effect of Global Warming on World and Agriculture:

i. Increases overall temperature on earth.

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ii. Causes changes in climate tremendously

iii. Results in melting of ice in polar region

iv. Increases sea level resulting in submerging of coastal areas

v. Flooding and intense down pours

vi. Drought in warmer regions

Impact of Global Warming on Pest Status:

i. Due to change in climate, temperature and water availability, the farmers may change the type of crops grown.

ii. Due to increase in temperature, there can be outbreak of certain insect pests and diseases.

iii. In forest areas there will be a shift in tree species and also pest species.

iv. In agriculture lands since cropping pattern is changed, new crops are introduced to suit the climate and new pests are also introduced.

v. When water availability is less, crops will be raised as rainfed. It will be difficult to take up control measures without water.


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