Essay on the Comparison of “Islam” with Other Religions by 8 Eminent Non-Islamic Scientists

When Islam’s army saved Antioch from the claws of Rome Empire, the great Michael, chief of bishops in there, plainly confessed that:

When the Just God, to whom belongs all powers and who transfers the government from one to other, and grants it to whosoever he will, and elevates the inferiors, observed the crimes and injustices and cruelties of Rome government who plundered our synagogues and usurped our lands, and teased and tormented us with cruelty, while relying in its power, send Children of Esmaeil (Moslems) from a far distance in south to deliver us from the Romans.

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In fact, we suffered a lot of damages due to separation of Catholic Church from us and leaving them to the people of Khalighdounieh. But when cities were submitted to the Arab, they devoted each of churches to a special tribe in the field of their activity.

At this time, the great church of Homs and church of Harran were separated from us. However, delivery from cruelties, disturbances, spites and vigour of the Romans and achieving security and peace was not an easy task for us.

When Islam’s army reached Jordan, and army of Abou Obeideh entered freshly, the Christians of Jordan wrote a letter to them with this content:

O Moslems, we like you more than Romans, although we have the same religion, but you are more faithful, merciful and just with us and you behave with us more kindly. But they prevailed over us and our homes.

People of Homs closed the gates of their city to the army of Hercules, but they sent a message to Moslems that they prefer their governorship and justice to the injustice and extortion of the Romans.

2. Philip Hatta writes:

This confirmation of the old religion and behaviour of Islam with their followers (persuading them to put aside arm and enjoy Islam’s protection by paying tribute) was a great political innovation which Islam’s Prophet presented. Mohammad S.A. respected Torah, and had honourable relations with Christians of Bani Ghassan and Taghlab and other Christians.

In this way, the tributaries have an immense share from religious indulgence in exchange of paying tribute and poll tax. Even they followed their own religious authorities in the legal matters and all legal cases, except cases which were concerned to a Moslem.

Most parts of this method were enforced till Osman period, and its effects in respect to religious commands and regulations of sovereignty are still found in Syria and Palestine.

At the beginning, this indulgence was restricted to those religions whose name were mentioned in Quran, and submitted to governorship of Moslems, but later Moslems applied this rule for the Zoroastrians and idolaters of Harran and Barbar.

3. Christian Georgie Zeidan writes in his famous book, History of Islamic Civilization:

When Moslems conquered a country, left their people to themselves and did not aggressed their religion, transactions, habits and ceremonies.

When Amro Ass conquered Egypt, he behaved with Egyptian people so, and left their affairs to themselves so that Egyptian judges governed among them as before. This was their procedure in most of the conquered countries.

Indeed, when Islam’s army conquered a country, only put it under its protection and received a tax named tribute for protecting and supporting its people and did not interfere in the internal affairs of their people. Rather they committed to protect life and property of the tributaries and left them free in their religious and social affairs.16

4. Alter Maleh, famous French historian, while describing the reasons of victory of Moslems, appreciated their peaceful behaviour as follows:

The people of Rome, Palestine, Damascus and Egypt were suffering the load of tax and were teased due to pretext of unbelief and atheism. They considered Moslems who behaved moderately and indulgently, as their saviour and a lot of them accepted Islam and were killed for elevation of this religion.

5. Christian Joseph Naeim Arafeh, in his lecture on the occasion of birthday of Islam’s Prophet says:

Mohammad S.A., owner of Islamic invitation, is the first person who presented the foundation of friendship and brotherhood to us, because he liked and respected Christians.

The first example of this kindness in the contract which he concluded in 6 AH with monks in particular and Christians in general.

According to this contract, they would be defended against any aggression, their churches would be supported, their priests would not be invaded, and none of them would be obliged to leave his religion, and would be helped for repairing churches and convents.

Quran too clarifies kindness and friendship with Christians as:

And thou wilt surely find the nearest of them in love to the believers, are those who say, “We are Christian”, that, because some of them are priests and monks, and they wax not proud.

This behaviour and speech was motivation and patron for establishing friendship with Children of Israel. We know that teachings which Moses, Christ and Mohammad S.A. have presented on behalf of God have aimed in reforming and correcting world, not destroying it.

It should be mentioned that divine books are triple lights whicfi are illuminated from one focus and radiates in three beams on man.’

6. Constan Virgeil Giorgive, the previous priest and minister of Romania, writes about doctrine and peaceful procedure of Islam’s Prophet S.A.:

None of the founders of previous religions has treated as moderately as Mohammad S.A. treated with other religions.

Mohammad S.A. accepted the followers of other religions to live in Medina besides Moslems and assured them that nobody will disturb them. Mohammad S.A. knew that his religion is based on freedom and equity, and so he should not afraid from other religions, and it is possible that Islam influence on other religions, but other religions cannot retard Islam.

7. Cont Hanri De Castri, while describing the peaceful method of Moslems with Christians, zvrites:

When Islamic government was established in east, it was never going to oppose with Christianity and did not create any obstacle against children and followers of Christians. Rome had always had free relations with the bishops and authorities of Christians living in the Islamic territories.

The peacefulness and toleration of Moslems with Christians was so that Gerifour Louis, seventh Pop, blamed and rebuked Christians for referring to their bishops for trial against Moslems.

Toleration and peacefulness of Moslems with Christians of Andolusia was so that Christians had more freedom and security in the sovereignty of Moslems in comparison with before, and even the commander of Moslem’s army was a Christian.

On this basis, marriage between Christians of Andolusia and Moslems increased, and priests prohibited Christians from more intimacy and kindness with Moslems.

When European Christians started massacre of Jews, and a large number of Jews took refuge to Andolusia, Moslems received them warmly and guaranteed their security. Whereas when Carlos, Christian king, entered Saraghseteh, instructed his army to ruin temples of all Jews and Moslems and kill them by sword.

Maintenance of the Jews in this world is due to attempt of Islamic governments which saved them for Christians in the Middle Ages, while if the Christians remained powerful as before, the generation of Jews was erased from the world.

Then he adds: I studied carefully the history of Christians in the Islamic territories, and realized this luminous reality of Islam that Moslems have behaved Christians very kindly and peacefully, and have avoided any cruelty and hostility. This good behaviour is not found in non-Moslems.

Generally Christians performed their religious rites and ceremonies in Cordova are the utmost freedom and never complained Moslems and their government. While despite of such a lot of surprising peacefulness and coexistence, still the hearts of a group of priests and monks are full of spite and hatred from publication of Islam.

8. Adam Menz, famous orientalist, writes about peaceful behaviour of Moslem as follows:

The distinctive point of Islamic countries and Christian Europe in the middle Ages is that a large number of followers of other religions lived in the Islamic territories freely.

While this does not exist in the Christian Europe. The synagogues and temples in the Islamic territories were so free as if they are out of realm of Islamic government and are not included in the Islamic country.

This freedom was provided for them under the grace of a series of contracts and rights, and it was a necessity that Jews and Christians live besides each other, this created a peaceful coexistence condition which Christian Europe had never faced with it. Everybody was really free in this idea and custom.


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