Essay on Somaclonal Variation in Plants


1. Change in chromosome number/ structure.

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2. Gene mutation.

3. Plasmagene mutation.

4. Attention in gene expression.

5. Gene amplification.

6. Mitotic and erasing over.

7. Rearrangements in Cytoplsamic genes.


1. Resistant to disease variants can be isolated.

2. Stress Resistance.

3. Low-temperature mutant.

4. Mutants for Agronomic traits.

5. Mutants for Efficient Nutrient Utilization. Achivements

1. ‘Scarlet’ variety in sweet potato.

2. Sigma – Alfalfa.


1. High frequency mutagensis.

2. Variation is created.

3. Novelity.

4. Less time for variety release.


1. Selected cell lines fail to regenerate.

2. Many of the selected clones are unstable.


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