Educative Reformative Work in Hungary and other European Countries | Essay

The substance of the system is that when engaged in work as a punishment, it does not entail any loss of freedom and at the same time enables the convict to re-educate himself in supervision of his fellow workers. They find the work profitable and advantageous to themselves and have a realisation that they are still useful to society.


The system of open institutions is being extensively used for the rehabilitation of juvenile offenders in Belgium. Adequate facilities are provided for their education and they are offered suitable employment after release from the institution. The purpose of these open institutions is socialisation of inmates, which broadly connotes the social and moral rehabilitation of the offenders. It enables the inmate to return to normal social life in spite of his early deviance.

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The first open prison camp was started in the State of Victoria in Australia in 1939. The system worked so well that it has now been adopted as an integral part of the penal-programme of that country. Recidivists, who have served a considerable part of their sentence in a closed prison, are brought to open-prison camp for rehabilitation before their final release. The number of escapes from these institutions has been negligible and those who absconded were duly apprehended.


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