8 Important Suggestions for Improving Mental Health of Children in India

(ii) First five years of age are very important for a child because during these five years behaviour disorders commonly develop. Therefore it is very important that proper atmosphere should be provided for normal personality development of the child.

(iii) School provides a number of new experiences to the child including exposure to group life, social and academic relations. They all lead to emotional repercussions on the mind of the child. Hence better relationship between teachers and students should be developed.

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(iv) Special schools should be started for providing proper guidance to the mentally retarded children.

(v) During pregnancy females should be provided special care because during this period she will be under great stress and strain due to labour pains and other obstetrical troubles. She may be emotionally disturbed:

(a) About her capacity for bearing, delivering and nourishing the child,

(b) About her sexual anatomy and attractiveness, and

(c) About her relation with her husband during pregnancy and the period to follow it.

(vi) Adolescent age is very crucial from mental health point of view because during this period lot of changes take place in body, sex, behaviour and personality. Youth has a tendency not to accept the ways in which their parents or seniors expect them to behave, and had a tendency to manage their own affairs themselves.

This tendency leads to protest, unrest, sex and drugs etc. They are exposed to mass media which aggravate on their desires and expectations and if not fulfilled lead to frustrations. They are also exploited by politicians. Students in our country are overburdened with studies because of faulty examination system which lead to depression and frustrations.

(vii) Youth welfare programmes, social welfare programmes, opportunities for creative work, recreational facilities, happy family and social life all play an important role in maintaining and promoting normal mental health.

(viii) In old age so many problems arise regarding health and family affairs so proper medical facilities, old age homes and rehabilitation centers should be provided.


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