8 Conditions That Are Bound to Observe by the Followers of “Quran” Under the Islamic Government

1. Paying tribute

2. Respecting Islamic government and regulations

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3. Participating in war costs

4. Not appearing unlawful things

5. Not religious propagation

6. Not insulting to the Islamic beliefs and rites

7. Limitation in constructing buildings

8. Non-entrance to the mosques and Islamic sacred places.

First condition:

It should be explained that the most important condition is paying tribute due to protection of the Islamic government from minorities in the Islamic territories.

Second condition:

It indicates submission and respecting to the Islamic regulations concerning larceny, treachery, dishonouring, blood price, destroying or usurpation of properties, or civil affairs in which one party is Moslem. Investigation of these offences of the tributaries is on the burden of Islamic Judiciary courts.

Third condition:

Avoiding partnership in war with Moslems for assisting unbelievers is any possible way. This condition is taken from the practice of Prophet S.A. as it was stipulated in Medina Charter: Whenever the Jews fight along with Moslems, they will participate with Moslems in war costs.

Fourth condition:

Religious minorities should not appear to sin and unlawful things, like wine drinking, eating pork, marriage with very near relatives and adultery. Some of jurisprudents believe that in case that religious minorities commit the above actions, the covenant of protection is cancelled and the sinner is excluded from the covenant of protection.

But a number of jurisprudents say that committing these affairs does not cancellation of covenant of protection. Rather the sinner will be punished legally and it seems that the recent opinion is accurate.

Fifth condition:

Minorities are forbidden to do any religious propagation. The tributaries should not try to deviate beliefs and Moslems.

Sixth condition:

Insulting and abusing to the Almighty and The Prophet S.A., and disdaining religion and divine Book causes cancellation of covenant of protection.

Seventh condition:

The tributaries are not allowed to construct buildings and new temples higher than buildings of Moslems or beat the bells of their churches. It should be mentioned that repairing temples has not any problem.

Professor Bouzar, French Islam cist, says: Islam is superior to any other religion, and no religion is superior to it. It is a long time that Moslems have allowed religious minorities to build churches that its tower is higher than minarets of mosques, or let them to build their houses higher than Moslem’s houses.

But these wrong introductions should not be considered as Islamic ideology, and shall not conclude that Moslems put pressure on the minorities.

In 5th century AH, it was forbidden for the first time that roof of tributary should not be higher than the roof of Moslems, and if a tributary bought a high building, he was obliged that his house should not command on the neighbour house, either Moslem or tributaries.

Abol Hasan Maverdi in his book, Ahkamol Soltanieh, page 428, reminds the prohibition of command of one house over the other houses, either Moslem or tributary, and says: Even third Pop Innocent blames and complains the Jews residing in San Geshni city for building a temple higher than adjacent church.

However, if we look attentively, we can conclude that, this condition is not in conformity with circumstances of the Islamic society in the present world.

Eighth condition:

Not entrance to the mosques and Islamic sacred places. According to Saheb Javaher, consequently to commitment of this guilt and violation of tributary from this condition, the covenant is cancelled, and Imam is free to choose taking the violator to a secure place in the territory of unbelief or killing him or slaving him, or confiscating his properties, but in case that tributary accept Islam before enforcing the rule, the punishment is cancelled.

But behaviour and deed of The Prophet S. A., and other religious leaders rejects the above cases. The innocent Imams recommend that tribute should be taken from the tributaries mildly and moderately, and in exchange their life, properties, repute and capital should be immune from any aggression, and it is repeatedly emphasized that the tributaries should not be beaten or kept in sun or be teased in any other way for paying their debt.

Only with moderation and expressing kindness should ask them to pay their debt. Therefore the maximum punishment of tributary in case of committing the offences mentioned in 8th condition is confinement and it does not cause cancellation of covenant of protection and it remains valid.

In other words, jurisprudents and authorities have defined tribute as financial tax that Islamic government receives from Followers of The Book for protecting them. Islam has obliged Followers of The Book to pay tribute, as it has obliged Moslems to pay The Fifth and poor tax.

It should be mentioned that the rule of tribute is based on the above reality, and is completely different with discriminations existing in the civilized countries in respect to minorities, races and colours.

The above difference has not any true basis, but the difference which Islam has considered between its followers and followers of other religions is based on reality and fact.

Because Islam has based its religion on belief supported by reasoning, argument and intellect, just in contrast to modern regimes which are empty of reasoning and intellect.

Nobody can object the Islam has discriminated between its followers and Followers of The Book and unbelievers, whereas current and existing regulations do not discriminate between them.

It should be explained that modern regimes discriminate between the followers of different religions while not having any logical basis and reasoning for them.


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