11 Quick Preventive Measures for Poisoning

Some of the poisons include : salts of arsenic, bismuth, mercury, copper, gold, and other heavy metals; phosphorus, chlorine, bromine and iodine; strong acids and alkalies; poisonous fungi; bites of dogs, wild animals, snakes, scorpion, bee, wasp or other insects: plants like datura, nux vomica, aconite etc.

Preventive Measures of Poisoning:

Poisoning is a serious matter and if due care is not taken it may lead to death of the victim. So due precautions should be taken while storing poisonous substances to avoid accidental poisoning specially by the children. The following precautions should be taken:

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(i) Always keep drugs under lock and key or beyond the reach of the children.

(ii) Do not store medicines for long periods. Expired drugs must be discarded.

(iii) Take proper precautions while storing and handling common poisonous substances like insecticides, pesticides, disinfectants and petroleum products.

(iv) Do not take drugs in the dark.

(v) Always read label of the container while taking the drug.

(vi) Do not put harmful liquids in the bottles of cold drinks. By mistake children may consume it thinking as cold drink.

(vii) Do not burn coal in closed rooms as it produces a highly poisonous gas carbon monoxide.

(viii) Use cooking gas carefully.

(ix) Get your pets immunized against rabies.

(x) Carefully destroy the empty containers of poisonous substances.

(xi) Remove poisonous plants from the premises as well as surroundings.


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